It was summer 2014 when the quick loan and consumer credit companies advertising really started to bother me. In several ads the message was: “Take your dream vacation now and pay later”. This was particularly annoying to me, because a dream holiday paid with credit most likely eventually builds up into a nightmare. The real dream holiday is not paid by credit; it is a holiday for which you have first made your money for and only after that you can afford to take the dream holiday.

I decided it was time to do something. I decided to build a service for 10 000 Wealthy Women. These women want at the same time a balanced financial standing AND to live dream life.

My journey begins

It was already in the 1990’s when my father was unemployed that I started to the think about how I could become financially independent.

My wealth started to build up on March 31st 1998 when I made my first deposit of 1000 Finnish marks to save for my own apartment. Over the past 16 years, I have invested in all different investment instruments and have bought apartments in Finland and in the US. The past years have included several moments of success, but there have been moments that have forced me on my knees. But I feel I have knelt down only to rise taller than what I was before.

I have started to build my wealth from zero and I know that with determination and perseverance we can achieve great things. I strongly believe in that we all can make a difference in our financial future.

I expanded my own wealth development the year our first child was born on 2008 when I was on maternity leave and realized that I want to promote–not only my own–but other women’s wealth goals too. I organized my first wealth coaching in November 2009–Wealthy Woman service was born!

Wealth takes time to build

Creating good and stable financial standing and building wealth require perseverance and endurance. My goal is to create Wealthy Woman Internet service that supports the women involved in achieving their own goals. We seldom get anything big or important done all by ourselves, but by sharing and supporting each other, all parties involved progress together. My goal is to boost the self-esteem of the women using the online service and encourage them grasp on the financial opportunities when they emerge.

In addition to mental support, information and understanding on financial instruments is needed. In our minds, information gathers on top of old information. The more information we can intake and digest, the more our own understanding of our own financial standing grows.

Results by sharing and learning

My understanding has developed by doing and sharing. I have wanted to shine light on the importance of personal finance in as many instances as possible in order to have people to notice that they can make a positive difference in their personal finance.

My experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor as well as with my clients’ has given me exceptionally wide perception on entrepreneurship and in different investment instruments.

Over the last five years I have I have published a book, ‘Totuus taloudestasi‘ (Talentum 2012), “The Truth about your Economy” and featured in a Finnish TV show called ‘Kirsi ja himoshoppaajat‘ (“Kirsi and shopaholics”). I have also organised and promoted four Success seminars in Finland.

I am also an experienced blogger, speaker and presenter in subjects related to women, wealth, goal setting and success. In addition I have acted as an inspirational speaker tailored for women interested in succeeding in life, coached my clients, presented about money and wealth. I have given comments about these subjects also in several media, events and online forums.

I believe that the learning I have gained over the years is of benefit to others and that’s why I want to share my experiences in the Wealthy Woman service in more detail with as many a women in interested in getting wealthy as possible. My goal is to walk alongside with 10 000 Wealthy Women a journey which inevitable leads into financial security and stability and even financial independency.

Life is so much more than money. That’s why our own financials need to be looked after in a manner that allows us to concentrate on those things in life that truly matter in the end.

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